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I have always taken inspiration from my home — Singapore, for my collections.

Being a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, Singapore enjoys great cultural diversity that features the distinctive traditions of the city’s various ethnic groups who continue to celebrate their own cultures while intermingling with one another.

Singapore has several distinct ethnic neighborhoods; Little India, Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Katong, formed by the ‘Raffles Plan of Singapore’ in the early 19th century to segregate the new immigrants into specific areas.

Although the population is no longer segregated in distribution, these ethnic neighborhoods retain unique elements of their specific culture and stand like isolated islands of tradition, surrounded by modern skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls.

HAYDEN AW 2014/15 – The Bohemian Girl Collection – A Trilogy, takes inspiration from Serangoon Road also known as Little India.

I love the way Little India is different from the rest of Singapore. Because it is authentically Indian, and authentically Singapore! Stand at the center of this place, and you’ll notice its distinct ‘Indian-ness’. Going to the temples in droves or just shopping are Indian women in their colourful sarees. The pungent smell of spices, vibrant colours of jasmine garlands and the blasts of Bollywood music!

Taking the rich Indian cultural heritage that has Arabic, Chinese, Middle Eastern and other Oriental connotation, and infusing this with the 70’s fashion trend. I have updated traditional Eastern styles with a dark Western flair.

The Bohemian Girl look is now reinterpreted into more sophisticated variant, but one can still enjoy the free spirited vibe that comes with it. Designs range from harem pants, long maxi dresses, jackets to a pair of hot pants for those more daring! Using different styles of embroidery, mirror beads, crystal, endless bales of sheer lightweight point d’esprit tulle and different variety of denims to create this season’s ONE.OF.A.KIND and Prêt-à-Porter Collections.

The bohemianism lifestyle is an unconventional one, where persons can express their individuality and artistic expression in the company of like-minded people. The beauty of this lifestyle is the respect for nature and living simply off what the Earth offers us, it is a lifestyle for those with free spirits and a wandering heart.

For the adventurers, wanderers and even vagabonds who are all in the pursuit of something different, free from society’s chains they venture across the earth to explore their literary, musical and artistic pursuits. This is what this collection is about.

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