Thursday, May 28, 2015

Belly Dancing Course Review by Mariella Monroe- Does it really work?

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Belly Dancing Course Review by Mariella Monroe- Latest Information
The Belly Dancing Course drills down the basic moves step-by-step and shows the sequences slowly, then in full speed. From the basic movements, it demonstrates how these are essential in doing variations and layers. It also exhibits a short routine as the video begins.

The course has been noted for its clear and supportive teaching method as well as its exceptional production quality that helps beginners progress quickly from the basic to the advanced movements. A person gets a view of all the moves from various angles such as full body and up close.

The full program is taught by three instructors with different teaching styles and specializations that cater to varying difficulty levels. It also includes the best selection of belly dance music that can be used during training.
Moreover, it comes with seven freebies namely the 25 Basic Foundation Drills for a compilation of videos on the fundamental belly dance moves, the Complex Combinations and Performances for a series of videos on dynamic and complex turns ideal for intermediate dancers, the Dancing Exercises for Weight Loss, Fitness and Muscle Toning for fun workouts that will help sculpt the body, the Sexy and Sensual Belly Dancing Videos that focus on the art of evocative movement, the Guide to Costumes and Accessories that offer buying tips as well as the types of costumes suited for different dance styles, the lifetime updates, and the one-on-one private coaching with Mariella via Skype or email for one year.

Lastly, the Belly Dancing Course can be accessed in three ways: watch the videos instantly at the members’ area via streaming, download these to a PC, or get them on DVDs.
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About Mariella Monroe
She is the author of Belly Dancing Course and a professional belly dancer & certified trainer. She offers the users a program that promises to teach belly dancing easily and in the shortest time without paying for expensive lessons or getting self-conscious in live classes.
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