Sunday, January 18, 2015

Part Two Harem Pants instructions

You cannot help but to notice a person wearing black leather pants. There are probably a lot of reasons that this item draws attention! It could be the persona of the man or woman wearing them. It could be what wearing sleek leather might symbolize to a person.

If you think about it what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a pair of these pants. Well it could be that you think of the guy wearing the pants, the motorcycle vest and the bandanna and riding the great big Harley. We have all seen them in the movies and whether you want to admit it or not, that is what you think about. Or if you are a guy, you might think about the woman in the commercials clad in leather, with the skimpy shirt that is selling some product that you don’t pay any attention to because you are staring at the woman.

Pants made from leather have been around for ages, they just came in different styles or types. If you think about it hard, Indians wore them, they just were not tanned like the ones you see today, that are soften and colored black.

Leather clothing represents a person that has a cool hobby or rides bulls or bikes or whatever the reason, but there are possible drawbacks to wearing them. Of course, they should only be worn by those people who can make them look cool. Yes you know what we are talking about. Not just anyone can pull off this kind of fashion!

Think about the leather interior of cars. They are very hot in the summer and you stick to them. In the winter, they are very cold and it takes forever to warm them up. Keep in mind that this also applies to pants. While they may be the sexiest wardrobe choice, make sure you only wear them when it is also practical.

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