Monday, January 5, 2015

Its Spring Time!: Floral Harem Pants

However fussy a person may be regarding his apparel, it is a known fact that women give shopping a higher importance than men do. This is born of a desire to be more spruce, while men do not place so much by their appearance. Knowing this, there are a number of shops that cater exclusively to women. This is a large advantage because women will be able to find all the clothes that they need, through all seasons. There is no danger of shops running out of stock, or selling out.

These days, there are shops that have clothes at wholesale prices, and they are open throughout the year. Also, they have put all their merchandise up on the internet, which means that all you need to do is visit their site. You can pick up whatever you think suits you best, and you don’t even have to leave your house for it!

There are a number of categories, each of which have their own sub categories, filled with different designs. For example, there is the ‘Knit Tops’ category, under which there are a number of products like knitted cardigans with different colors and applique techniques, knitted lace crochets, beaded neck line cardigans, tie dyed tops, V-neck tops, tank tops and so on.

Then there are woven tops, like ruffled spaghetti tops, woven wings with painted draw strings and Bohemian tops made of a hundred per cent cotton. There are sweaters of varying designs too. Some are made of lace, then there are casual drapes that you can wear anywhere and look chic, there are button down sweaters that are comfortable and will go with any other clothes, and there are knitted cardigans that will make a bold fashion statement.

On certain special occasions, women love wearing dresses. There is something formal and yet very elegant about a dress, and it augments the natural beauty of the wearer. Companies have a plethora of dresses on offer, ranging from tie dyed dresses made of rayon to V-knotted tank dresses to dresses that are printed. You can decide what is most appropriate for you, in terms of color and design.

Skirts are something that women have loved through the ages. They have evolved over time, but the basic model has remained the same. Knowing the long-term affection women have for skirts, there are companies that provide a number of different kinds, with more and more creativity. For example, there are knitted pencil skirts, that are reversible, which means you can wear them inside out as well. Then there are full length skirts, knee length skirts, parachute knit skirts, balloon shaped skirts and so on.

Leggings are another trend that have caught on in the last few years, and everyone seems to love them. Companies provide solid color leggings in a variety of colors like white, red, violet, brown, green, black and so on. Then there are regular ladies’ leggings; loose fitting ones that look like harem pants and even denim leggings.

Which brings us to denims. These are probably the most popular bottoms, for women and men alike. Companies have all manner of denims, from capri jeans to seamless leggings to straight leg jeans.

If you want wholesale tops for women, and are looking for the best designs, then Eyedeye is the place to be.

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Hey guys ! Just wanted to share my comfy outfit for today. Sorry, about all the “ums” and giggles, I was in a good mood and a little rushed to finish the vid lol !

White V-Neck Tee: Either Payhalf or Marshalls

Denim Vest: K-Mart

Floral High Waisted Harem Pants: H&M

Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops: Nordstrom

Thick Necklace: Juicy Couture

Ring: Call It Spring

from HaremPants.XYZ

Created by Creatives Inside

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