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Harem Pants From Zumba® T-Shirt

Belly dancing is a rather generalized term that is applied to a variety of dance styles from the Middle East and Asia. It became popular in Europe during the mid-19th century due to its perceived “exoticism” and the dancers themselves were to become an inspiration to many writers and artists of the time period. It is a style of dance that focuses a great deal on the dancers hips and belly dance costumes are usually designed to accentuate these hip movements. In fact, these costumes are an integral part of the overall aesthetic of this style of dance.

Belly dance costumes can be incredibly varied in their design and degree of decoration. As a general rule, these costumes are created from lightweight materials that allow the dancer to move freely such as silk and/or chiffon. Most of these costumes are also made up of three basic parts; a top, a hip scarf or belt, and either a skirt, harem pants, or some combination of the two. However, these general characteristics are only a base from which an infinite number of possibilities can be created.

Tops are one of the components that can be the most varied in their design aspects. Aside from basic differences such as whether it has sleeves or not, there are many other aspects that can change from one costume to another. For instance, many dancers prefer a top that exposes much of their torso, while others prefer a more demure look. Furthermore, in many instances the tops are highly decorated, often incorporating a great deal of beading, sequins, and in some cases even coins.

The hip scarf is also a very highly decorated part of most belly dance costumes. In most cases, these scarves are designed in tandem with the top in order to create a cohesive overall look. However, as with the tops, these scarves can be extremely varied in their design. Variations can include things like the cut of the scarf, construction materials, color, and even how the dancer wears the scarf.

There can be many other components as well when it comes to these costumes, ranging from arm bands to finger cymbals. These additional options allow a dancer to create their own unique look.

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